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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  February 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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tragic death, local teen is killed hours after drinking a caffeinated alcohol drink. >> what heartbroken family members are saying. >> i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> here is what people are talking about today. the grief in parkville, baltimore county after a 13 year old dies in the middle of harford road. his mother says a controversial energy drink laidend with alcohol is in part responsible. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the young boy was an 8th grader at parkville middle. friends tell his mother that he had consumed one of the energy alcohol drinks, it made him so sick he leaned out of the door to victim it and fell out and struck by on coming traffic. chris keys devastated to learn the real story behind the accident that killed her 13-
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year-old son, michael. >> all the kids think it's okay. >> reporter: chances are you've heard of four loko, fruit fliferred energy drinks filled with alcohol. enough to make 13-year-old michael sick to his stomach. so sick, as his step father drove him home, he opened the door to victim it and fell out in a busy harford road. his friend was also in the car and saw it all. >> we stopped as fast as possible. sunday night near the accident scene hundreds came out for a candlelight vigil in his honor. >> some adult purchased it. >> reporter: chris keys hopes other parents and teens learn from his death. >> i've lost the only son i'm ever going to have because they wanted to party.
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it's sad. it's really sad. i don't want to see another family have to go through this. >> reporter: grief counselors on hand here tomorrow at parkville middle school in order to help his friends and teachers as they cope with this tragic loss. derek valcourt, wjz 13, eye witness news. doug gansler is among those trying to push the limit of alcohol drinks. a blaze in east baltimore, a vacant home went up on east 24th and barclay streets. a firefighter fell through the floor inside and taken to shock trauma and expected to make a full recovery. due to the holiday weekend, jurors will deliberate this case wednesday. emotions ran high during closing arguments in charlottesville, virginia. the prosecutor broke down as he
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told jurors about love's final moments before huguely forced his way in to her apartment near the university of virginia and beat her to death. defense attorneys say huguely never planned to kill her and should only be convicted of involuntary manslaughter. please stay with wjz 13 as the trial continues. we will bring you the latest on air and on line at same sex couples are closer to being able to marry in maryland. advocates say the battle is far from over. ron matz is live in the newsroom with the latest on the debate. >> same-sex marriage advocates scored a win in the house of delegates at the beginning of last weekend. friday is house narrowly passed a bill to legalize gay marriage. that bill goes to the senate this week opponents are promising to petition for a referendum. if the legislation passes in the senate, and moves to the
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governor's desk, o'malley will sign the bill he sponsored. it was the state senate that passed a similar same-sex marriage bill that died in the house. >> if you've noticed you are spending more at the pump lately, you aren't the only one, gases prices are at a record high. the average price for a gallon of gas, $3.56 nationwide. analysts say in the trend continues we could be well over $4 a gallon by april. we are feeling the pain of the prices here in maryland. now, a gallon of regular costs $3.61, up $0.20 from a month ago. last year, we were only $3.11 a gallon. new poll numbers show rick santorum is surging ahead and fighting to hold onto the lead especially in the state of michigan where mitt romney was born. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: on president's day, rick santorum is
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campaigning in ohio and gaining momentum across the country. the latest gallop survey shows santorum leading, 8 points ahead of mitt romney. and focusing attacks on president obama. one remark about the president's environmental policies stirred up controversy. the obama campaign cried foul but santorum said he wasn't questioning the president's faith. >> i believe the president is christian, he says he is a christian, i'm talking about his world view. >> reporter: santorum is fighting to hold his lead in michigan, hoping to defeat romney in his home state next week. the former governor is striking back, he is heading there tuesday for a speech on the
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economy, the latest poll of michigan voters shows romney gaining ground. newt gingrich is looking to the south for a come back on super tuesday next month. >> we are back doing what i think i do best, focusing on things like energy policy, $2.50 a gallon gasoline. >> reporter: about to get a big cash infusion, a billionaire pledged $10 million to keep newt gingrich's campaign alive. tara mergener, wjz 13. ron paul is still in the hunt as well. his campaign is focusing on caucus states hoping to pick up enough delegates to allow him to play a role in the convention in tampa. things are warming up in our area today. taking a live look outside, not a lot to to complain about. if you like the weather today, there is more good news on the horizon. marty is outside enjoying the weather, soaking it up to bring
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it inside. bernadette woods is in the first warning weather center. good afternoon, everybody. cleared out, we are beginning to warm it up. we will show you the graphic here, 43 degrees baltimore. look at the 40s, couple of 30s, they are on their way up. high pressure in control. clear skys and pumping up warm air behind it. that's important. the warm air is going the factor in to the forecast the next couple of days. out to marty in the outback. >> reporter: good afternoon, everybody. yeahs i guess we survived the storm i'm calling the mouse that roared. it's well off the coast. it took clouds with it. look at the national temperature map. along the path of the low, temperatures under clear sky, warmed up nicely what is significant is the only old temperatures, purples and blues are where they should be over the rocky mountain states.
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take a look at the next graphic. we are not expecting any weather difficulties until the very end of the week, when some rain comes our way. in between now and then, there is going to be a spectacular warm up. details with meteorologist bernadette woods. many maryland catholics are in rome today, and will meet with the just elevated cardinal o'brian. current leader of the archdiocese of baltimore was there to celebrate the mass at the vatican yesterday. more than 100 pisher ins from our area made the trip and expected to join the cardinal for a papal audience this afternoon. some brightest students are smiles after participating in the black history oratory contest.
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that was winner, ryan, sharing her oration from malcolm x. one of 20 semi final lists yesterday. kai jackson hosted the contest as part of wjz's continuing community commitment. still to come on eye witness news at noon, the search for a missing mother and daughter comes to an awful end. the latest details from police in cleveland. in to the fire, police say this man ran in to a burning building in massachusetts. perfect barbecue weather on this sunny president's day. your forecast is coming up. ,,
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it is so good.
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three alarm fire in new england leaves two people injured including a firefighter. flames ripped through an apartment building this morning in dorchester, massachusetts. a resident and firefighter are treated for nonlife threatening injuries. no word yet on what caused that blaze. amber alert for a missing ohio woman and baby come to an
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awful end. 19-year-old jackson, her 1 year old daughter, and jackson's ex- boyfriend, lord, dead in a cleveland garage yesterday. police say the boyfriend abducted the two at gun point saturday and family members cannot believe the outcome. >> she had a brand new baby she was proud of. this is cruel. she didn't do anything to deserve this. >> investigators say lord killed jackson and her baby and himself. say lord was a registered sex offender. something neither jackson or her family knew. one skier was able to escape a deadly avalanche. three people killed when snow started rushing in to the stevens pass sunday. police say victims were swept is a hundred feet down the mountain and buried in the snow. a fourth skier was swept down the slopes and deployed an an
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fch air bag. massachusetts man is being called a hero after he saves a neighbor from a burning building. after seeing spokesman billowing, investigators say the man ran in to the building to make sure everyone got out. he was able to pull the man to safety minutes before firefighters showed up. the home was a total loss. no one was hurt. if you are in the market for a new appliance, today is the best day to buy it. stood the final day of maryland's tax free weekend. customers can save up to 6% on select energy star appliances at best buy, home depo and others. the initiative was first introduced last year to boost sales over the long president's day weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the snow gone. sunshine returned. temperatures are already starting to warm up. the winds are out of the north, it's going to be a gradual warm up. 33 in baltimore. 30s to the west, going up this afternoon. want to show you another thing here, too, this storm, leaving us this one to the west, is really going to fizzle out as it moves our way. the next couple of days, not a lot going on. what we expect, though, sunshine giving way to clouds from the storm tomorrow. showers die out. notice how they move to the north , there is not much there. behind that, is when a we are going to start to get the warm up. temperatures take a jump in to the second half of the week. look upstream from it. all the temperatures building. if you really take note, this time of the year, this is february, we are in the 30s, in bismark, 38 chicago, and these numbers are going up this afternoon, that's the air moving in our direction. the forecast looks like this.
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for today, up to 46 degrees, couple of more degrees, breezy and tonight quiet. that breeze dies down, going down to 28. tomorrow, we start warming it up. 51 for our high. sunshine will mix with clouds, those showers are going to die out to the west, maybe clouds lingering in to wednesday. we may have clouds from it. the temperatures keep on climbing and marty alluded to this earlier, wait until you see the five day, the temperatures are going up for a second half of the week, that's coming up. >> sounds good. still to come at noon, the hidden danger to quitting smoking. the details of a new pregnancy related study in health watch. >> wjz 13 is always on, here are the top stories on for this hour. for updates and updated first warning weather forecast, log on to [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ]
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in health watch, pregnant women who use nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking maybe harming babies. a study in pediatrics found nicotine gum, patches and other products increase the child's risk of developing colic after they are born. doctors say this is a reason for women to quit smoking before they get pregnant. scientists are testing an ex peer mental drug that may
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stop brain damage after a head injury. the blood flow decrease after a traumatic injury leading to damage, but scientists at wayne state developed a drug that keeps the blood flowing. it's only been tested on laboratory rats. ,,,,,,,,,,
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here is the most amazing thing about today. normal daytime highs 46. that's what we will have today. 51 tomorrow. five shy of 60 wednesday. five shy of 70 on thursday. even with rain, a cold front coming through, 63 friday. we will knock back to normal. losing 20 degrees with the frontal passage, it takes us back to normal as we start the last weekend of february. back inside. thank you very much. do not miss cbs prime time on wjz. at 10:00, hawaii five-o and stay tuned for eye witness news at 11:00. thank you for watching eye
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witness news on wjz 13. you have to wonder how many tee times will be made on thursday with that forecast. >> seriously. >> i'm thinking about it. >> there is one for you. >> how many people will be calling in, we have the flu. thank you for watching, see you at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] off limits?
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